The School currently operates four programs, namely General Arts, Business, Home Economics and Visual Arts. The General Arts program is divided into three groups which offer varied subjects as determined by the Academic Board of the School. The School plans to introduce the Science program since the school has the requisite personnel capable to handle the program and the appropriate apparatus being acquired gradually.

The School offers all the Core Subjects namely English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Information Communication Technology and Physical Education. The subjects taught in the four programs of the school are as follows:

  1. General Arts
Christian Religious Studies (CRS), Ghanaian Language (Asante Twi), Economics, Government, Geography, Literature-In-English, History  and Elective Mathematics
  1. Business
Business Management, Economics, Elective Mathematics, Principles of Costing and Financial Accounting
  1. Home Economics
Management-In-Living, Clothing, General Knowledge-In-Art, Clothing and Textiles, Biology, Food and Nutrition
  1. Visual Arts
Textiles, Picture Making, General Knowledge-In-Art, Sculpture, Leatherwork, Graphic Design and Economics